13-Oct-2016 | New Integration Announcement: Continuum

Eric Dosal -

By integrating all your Continuum data with BrightGauge, it’s easier than ever to manage all the devices you are monitoring in one central platform!

Continuum offers RMM, backup and disaster recovery, and mobile device management solutions to help IT Service Providers maximize their tech utilization and scale their business. Now, imagine how helpful it would be if all of that Continuum data could be found in your BrightGauge, alongside all of the other metrics that help you monitor your business.

Imagine no more! With Continuum + BrightGauge, you can easily consolidate all your key business data into one platform and as a bonus make your Client Reporting more robust to show a complete view of the value your work provides.

Here is a list of our most popular Continuum gauges:

Having the Site Score Summary at your fingertips allows you to quickly and easily identify which servers need immediate attention by your team. Additionally, this information is extremely valuable to share with your client via our Client Reporting Module.

Our Warranty Status gauge is not only an easy way to identify potential problem devices because they are out of warranty but it’s a great sales tool to share with your clients on what devices need to be upgraded.  We all know that devices out of warranty pose a great risk to any network and best practices indicates that all devices need to be within warranty.

If your clients want to understand more details about the type of warranty they have on each device than it’s best to share our Warranty Details gauge that gives them all the details they need.

Ready to learn more? We’re excited to show you how easy it is to manage all your Continuum data in BrightGauge!

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