17-Oct-2016 | Case Sensitivity with Dimensions & Filters

Brian Dosal -

Sometimes data being from you system can be a little finicky to work with.  Here’s a good example, for Connectwise API sometimes the data sent from them shows the same user two different ways, “bdosal” and “BDosal”.   This can create Data Discrepancy havoc when using user centric gauges on dashboards and reports!  So we added a little feature to get around this problem called Case Insensitivity.   Here’s how it works,

When using Filters, if you select “Case Insensitive” it will treat the two values above (bdosal and BDosal) as one value in the filter.  See below:

When using text fields in Dimensions it’s a similar experience.  When drag over a text filed, you’ll see a dropdown with the default option to be case sensitive.  Now though, you can change the option to be Case Insensitive and BrightGauge will treat both values as one and lowercase them.  See below:

These little features can be so helpful in working around system issues from your core datasource.  Hope you enjoy if the need arises!



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    Brett Baz

    Hi Brian, this is really good but can we please have it on the dashboard filter!

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    Brian Dosal

    Good idea Brett!

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