9-Sep-2016 | Removing [...] from Number Gauges in Dashboards

Brian Dosal -

So... good thing this section isn't called Feature Announcements because this beauty is not really a new feature, instead just a change in how we display number gauges on Dashboards.

The skinny is this, if you have a Number Gauge on a dashboard that has a whole lot of characters in it, BrightGauge would truncate and show [...] after the first few digits.  After all the pain and suffering I received talking with customers, we decided to back out that rule and let the number gauge resize.

For more visual explanation, see before.  Left is before, right is now.

Now when you all see me on the road or at a conference, I expect a hug.  Or maybe just no yelling. haha.  Just joking, you all are awesome to us.



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    Lowell Picklyk

    Awesome, thanks Brian! Always good to see improvement.

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    Dean Osborne

    This without a shadow of a doubt was the biggest issue with Gauges especially new ones. Well done guys.

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