Connecting to QuickBooks Online


Step 1 - Ensure Integration Requirements Are Met 
  • You can only authorize access to a QuickBooks company if you are the Master Administrator or a Company Administrator.
  • There can only be one user at a time connected to a given company. Click here for more information on how to transfer to another user.


Step 2 - Log in to your BrightGauge Account  

If you haven’t created an account yet, go here to get started.


Once logged in: 

  • New Accounts

On first login, from the account Overview page, click on the "Add a Datasource" button:

  • Existing Accounts

From the account Overview page (to access click on the BrightGauge logo on the top left hand corner), click on "Add a new Datasource" towards the bottom right of the page (next to the list of your existing datasources):


Or, click on the "Data" menu on the the top righthand corner of the screen, and select "Datasources" from the drop down menu:


Now you can find the datasource under "All", or under the category it belongs to; in this case we can find QuickBooks under Finance. 

Step 3 - Authenticate with QuickBooks Online

 Now we need to authenticate with QuickBooks Online.  

  1. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button at the center of your screen:Image_2018-11-19_at_1.47.35_PM.png
  2. If not currently logged into QuickBooks, a window will open asking you to log in. Please ensure you've logged in with a user that has view access for customer information, otherwise the integration may fail with inadequate permissions. If already logged in, please skip to step 4.
  3. Make sure to provide the code required with two step verification.
  4. Authorize BrightGauge to speak with your QuickBooks' company file.
  5. Once authenticated, the window will close and a successful test connection will show in BrightGauge.
  6. Name the datasource (by default it will say QuickBooks Online) and make sure to click save at the bottom left. If you do not save the datasource, you will have to redo all steps.


Once you’ve saved the connection then the datasets and gauges will be added to your account.  You are now set!  


For additional information, please check out our support forums here.
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