28-Sep-2016 | Dashboard Update & Mea Culpa!

Brian Dosal -

Three short months ago we rolled out a big update to our Dashboards feature which included some new features (favorites, cloning) and some navigation changes.  That release was met with some very positive feedback on the cleanliness of the dashboard but we also heard some constructive criticism around the UX navigation that we didn’t ignore.  As we were working on some other larger projects that shared a similar page structure, we realized how right those criticisms were.  Today we rectify those issues with an update release to the dashboard navigation system!!!  

We removed extra clicks to switch dashboards, surfaced key functionality like adding gauges, and kept all “controls” of a dashboard in a clear menu in the top right of the dashboard (instead of hidden in a menu next to dashboard name). And of course, we kept what was great about the release in June such as searching for a dashboard when switching, favoriting, and cloning dashboards.

We hope you like these changes and we can commit to you that there won’t be any more big UX changes for the dashboards! :)  But we love hearing feedback and take all of it seriously.  We’re very happy to have great customers who care!

Specifically, here are the details and GIF below.

  • New switching modal experience from just clicking the name of dashboard
  • We surfaced the Add Gauges to the top right of the screen.  
  • The Add Gauges drawer now pops out of right side and does NOT re-size dashboard.  It goes over the dashboard.  
  • Renaming gauges now happens from new More menu. And it pops it open from a modal.
  • Same with create new dashboard, you do it from the More menu.



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    Kris Headrick

    The UX is much better/faster to move around, IE11 does seem to have a weird bug with the dashboard menu where it opens/closes rapidly and repeatedly but otherwise I really like the changes

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    Brian Dosal

    we'll take a look at that right now. thanks Kris for the heads up.

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