10-Oct-16 | Mobile Friendly View of Dashboards

Brian Dosal -

These two magical words are finally applicable to BrightGauge dashboards, mobile friendly! Go ahead, pull out your phone and go to your BrightGauge account on any browser. You’re going to see a beautiful rendering of your dashboard in a way that you allows you to utilize BrightGauge on the go. Let’s get into specifics though:

What it is...

  • One column layout of your gauges on browsers less than a certain width (770 px).
  • Fixed width and height of gauge cards, no matter which gauge type.
  • First step into making the entire app mobile friendly.
  • Limited Feature Set: can’t remove gauges, resize, move around gauges, etc.

What it isn’t...

We have a philosophy at BrightGauge that is very applicable for this change, it’s “Think Big, Start Small”. Our main goal is to make our app completely mobile friendly and may even venture into a native app in 2017. First, we started small with this change as it will provide huge value to all our “users on the go”.  



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    Paul Wegner

    This is a fantastic feature... I just tried it out on my phone and the dashboard renders perfectly!

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    Zuriel Ebron


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    Douglas Rahn


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