8-Nov-16 | Scorecards, Overview Page, & New Nav Bar

Brian Dosal -

The election is the SECOND biggest thing happening in the USA today because we just released a big update with a brand new feature in beta... Scorecards!!!  Ok, elections are the most important... but you get the drift.  Big release.

This week marks our 5 year anniversary of going live with version 1 of BrightGauge at IT Nation 2011.  With that always in mind, we do enjoy culminating the year with a big release around that anniversary (in 2012 it was a brand new Gauge Builder, 2013 it was Dashboards, 2014 a brand new BrightGauge, 2015 major integration with QuickBooks & Calculated Metrics).  This year is no different with the release BrightGauge Scorecards, a major new feature that will help all our customers continue to drive growth.

For a quick intro, watch this video and/or keep reading.


What are Scorecards?

The Scorecard feature was inspired by the book Traction and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).  Many of our customers have been adopting EOS over the past few years and we followed suit earlier this year. One of the main components of EOS is a weekly scorecard in which you assign KPIs to owners and they manually update the KPIs each week into a spreadsheet.  After a few months doing this ourselves, we realized we should just build this into BrightGauge since it’s very data centric and much of the manual data we were entering could be pulled automatically.   With that inspiration in mind, we built BrightGauge Scorecards and launched it today in beta format.  Here are the highlights as of today:

  • These are weekly scorecards (Sun-Sat) to keep track of multiple KPIs.
  • KPIs are assigned to a user who then "owns" the number.
  • Owners must "check in" to the scorecard weekly to confirm the number is accurate.
  • KPIs can be powered by Number Gauges from BrightGauge or manually entered each week. For instance, we don’t connect to bank accounts and many scorecards contain “weekly cash balance” so with BrightGauge Scorecards you can manually enter those numbers.
  • Reminder emails go out over the weekend to everyone who is assigned a KPI in the Scorecard to check in.
  • Checked In KPIs are snapshotted and stored each week so you can easily see trends from previous periods.

Why Beta?

We want everyone to give this feature a shot and be open to provide feedback at any time.  We have been using BrightGauge Scorecards for a few months and find it very, very valuable for our workflow and becoming truly being data driven.  We have a laundry list of ideas to make this feature even more valuable which will be worked on over the coming weeks but want your feedback to influence the roadmap.  Once we get a bit further along with the feature, we will remove the Beta tag.

New Navigation Bar w/ new menu options

Along with this release we also updated our Navigation Bar.  We separated the Settings Menu into three different menu items.  Data, Help, and Settings.  This way we can better organize what you want to find and group them in the appropriate areas.  Our "Over-The-Top" Support team is always willing to help and we want you to get to them quickly.


New Overview Page when clicking on BrightGauge logo

We also launched a new Overview Page that is visible when clicking on the BrightGauge logo in upper left corner.  This overview page will continue to evolve to be more helpful for those newcomers to BrightGauge and a spot where you can find the most important stuff in your BrightGauge.  


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