15-Nov-2016 | New Integration Announcement: QuickBooks Online

Eric Dosal -

We are thrilled to our announce our newest integration with QuickBooks Online!

​​Our QBO integration gives you the ability to visualize and track your financial metrics in real time. You no longer need to wait for your P&L (Profit and Loss) at the end of the month. When combined with any of our other integrations, you’re provided with a single view of the metrics you need to run your business. You no longer need to log into each data source and spend hours creating and updating a spreadsheet.

Sample QuickBooks Online Dashboard and Gauges

One of our favorite QuickBooks Online metrics breaks down your Service Margin Percentage. This helps you understand trending performance and will help you increase your profit margins.

Sales Cost as a Percentage of Revenue/Gross Margin is perfect for performing Sales expense analysis. This metric gives you the ability to understand how sales will fit into your cost structure.

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