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This page provides information on the latest enhancements and features for BrightGauge™, a ConnectWise solution.

We also wanted to showcase upcoming defects and bug fixes that are going to be released soon. This can be viewed by clicking the following link which will take you to the Known Issue site and using the  <> filter for the fix Version. (Be sure to filter for the BrightGauge product as well.)

Note: The # denotes the number of releases in that month.

New: BrightGauge now offers its own ConnectWise Virtual Community Enhancement Forum. Visit this space to share your enhancement ideas with the ConnectWise Product Management Team.

Note: SSO login is required to access the forum.

Stay on top of all the upcoming BrightGauge enhancements by reviewing the ConnectWise Roadmap.

June 14, 2024

All Updates on Home

Now you can easily access All Product Updates, Past Webinars, and All ConnectWise Events through tiles on the BrightGauge Home page. Click the View All link on any of the tiles to open the respective modal, then click All Product UpdatesPast Webinars, or All ConnectWise Events to see all the relative items.



past-webinars.png all-events.png   

May 30, 2024

Disk Space Utilization Summary Dataset

The Disk Space Utilization Summary dataset is now available to all ConnectWise RMM™ partners in the NA and EU regions. The Disk Space Utilization Summary feature set allows you to view summarized details about the partition space utilized across all your machines. The default gauges provide visibility into the partition space used across your servers and workstations, as well as the drives monitored by your RMM agent.

April 24, 2024

Improved Delete Behavior

The delete confirmation modals introduced earlier this year have been improved. Now, you only need to type the word DELETE to confirm deletion, instead of entering the name of each item you want to delete.delete-modal1.png delete-modal2.png

Parent Dashboard Updates

Save Button

We have added a Save button to parent dashboards. Previously, changes made on parent dashboards automatically updated all child dashboards. Now, the Save button ensures that all users are aware of the impact that changing a parent dashboard will have on child dashboards, and also gives the option to cancel or discard changes.Parent-save-button.png

Confirmation Pop-Up

If you make changes to a parent dashboard and navigate to another page without saving or canceling those pages, now a confirmation pop-up appears to make sure you don’t accidentally lose any desired modifications.parent-child-save.png

April 11, 2024

Updates on Home

Partners now see updates about new releases, upcoming events, and past events on the BrightGauge Home page.


March 28, 2024

Custom Fields for Time Entry

The PSA custom field for Time Entry can now be added to BrightGauge.

March 12, 2024

New NA region support added for NinjaOne (NinjaRMM)

New NA sites are now available for configuring your data source when connecting to NinjaOne (NinjaRMM).

New EA datasets available to EU partners

New Unassigned tickets, Customer Updated Open Tickets, and Time Entry Extended datasets are now available to EA partners in the EU region.

Add Custom Fields data from Sales Orders in ConnectWise PSA™

Now you can pull custom fields data from Sales Orders in the ConnectWise PSA Cloud application to review on your BrightGauge dashboards.

Delete Confirmation Modals

We have implemented additional safeguards before taking Delete actions to avoid accidental deletions and their resulting impacts. Now when you attempt to delete a dashboard, data source, dataset, gauge, report, goal list, user, viewer, or client mapping, you must enter the name(s) in the delete confirmation modal to complete the delete action.


January 2024

Retain Custom Gauges in ConnectWise PSA-Cloud Migration

Retain your custom gauges and datasets from ConnectWise PSA On Prem data sources while migration to PSA-Cloud using Cloud Data access from ConnectWise PSA.

For more information, please refer to Migrate from On-Prem ConnectWise PSA to PSA-Cloud Keeping Customizations.

ConnectWise PSA-Cloud New Dataset

A new dashboard is available to our partners that utilize ConnectWise PSA-Cloud as a datasource: Agreement Recap Dashboard.

For more information, please refer to Agreement Recap Dashboard.

EU Region Availability

Our EU partners can now be onboarded via their Account Manager and can use 43 datasources. for more information, please refer to EU Datasources.

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