31-Jan-2018 | Gauge Builder in Context

We’re making leaps towards helping you get more done with less clicks. A small (but big feeling) change we just released is keeping the gauge builder in context of where you are in the application. We’ve made it easier to edit a gauge from a dashboard, report, or goal, without having to load the editor on a separate page.


Before, if you were to select a gauge to edit, the gauge editor would then appear in a separate tab, taking quite a bit of time to load too.




Now, when you launch the gauge editor, it’ll load and pop up within the same window.  




To update the gauge, simply apply your modifications and hit "Save & Close" or tap the "X" at the top right to exit and return to where you started.


Power users will love this so they can more quickly edit gauges in context of other parts of the app. With this change we also sped up the loading of the Gauge Builder when clicking on it from a dashboard. This makes for a much snappier experience. A win win all around.

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