14-May-2018 | Image Gauges for Dashboards & Reports

Announcing the newest tool for teams to customize their BrightGauge: Images for Dashboards.
With the ability to upload a photo for more context(or just for fun!), dashboard images allow you to personalize your dashboards and share visual cues with your team.
Adding images to dashboards is a lot like adding a text gauge. From your dashboard, select the image module and upload a new image or choose an existing image from the BrightGauge image uploader.
You can upload image files up to 5MB in size. Use the image cropping tool to edit and fit your image for display. Once you have chosen your image it will appear on your dashboard filling the entire image container. This container can be resized just like other gauges there.
At BrightGauge, we like uploading our logo or client logos to dashboards, as well as images that are meaningful to the team to keep everybody motivated. So go ahead and add a team pic or a client logo. Customize your’s to fit the team members or client viewing it.
Images in Reports
In addition to images for Dashboards, you’re also now able to add them to reports too! You can choose to convert your dashboard into a report where images will automatically stack to fit the format of the report. You can also move images around and remove them from the report too.
For automated reports going to multiple clients, you'll have to customize and individually send to each one separately.
Report Builder Item Height Restrictions
We've added a height restriction on items while resizing in the Report Builder. The builder will now stop you from resizing items bigger than the page. This also works for the first page where allowed height is smaller.

Note that this restriction is being applied on ALL items. Items that split between multiple pages, such as Tables, will still continue to be dynamic.
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