ConnectWise Manage | Child / Merged Tickets


ConnectWise Manage handles merged tickets and child tickets two separate ways in the background, so here’s a quick cheat sheet on how that works on Brightgauge. For more information on combining tickets in Manage, please refer to Combined Service Tickets.


ConnectWise Manage Cloud

By default, datasets for Manage Cloud include child tickets. If you would like to exclude child tickets from a gauge:

  1. Open the gauge in the Gauge Builder.
  2. Add the parent field as a filter and set it to is NULL.


  3. Click Update.

Previously, there was no way to detect merged tickets through the API. This meant that, unlike child tickets, we couldn't filter out merged tickets as we did not see anything marking them as merged. Manage version 2018.5 included new fields that allow us to filter out merged tickets. If you see merged tickets and would like to either filter by them or remove them altogether, please contact Support.


ConnectWise Manage On Premises

By default, all child tickets are excluded from on premises datasets because they increase the likelihood of the datasets timing out. If you would like to see child tickets, please contact Support.

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