ConnectWise Manage | User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

Daniel Silva -

We get some requests for user-defined fields (UDFs) from ConnectWise Manage (you may also know them as custom fields). These are handled a bit differently On-Premise vs. Cloud.

ConnectWise Manage On Premise:

If you send us a screenshot of the custom field you’re looking for, we can take a look and see if it’s possible for us to add that to your account.

The screenshot must show what area the custom field is in within ConnectWise (tickets, opportunities, etc.). We’ll also need the field to have been used at least once (even if it’s in a test ticket).

Send us the screenshot and what dataset you want it added to, and we’ll take a look.


ConnectWise Manage Cloud:

Unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible for us to pull custom fields through the API. Unlike On-Premise where all the data is readily available for us, we can only see the data coming in through the API. If this ever changes, we’ll update this.

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