13-July-2018 | Exclude Dashboard Filters

Similar to the ability to exclude filters from reports, users now can ensure certain gauges don't get filtered on dashboards too.

Before, if you were to apply a filter to a dashboard, the filter would be applied to all the gauges there. 


Exclude Filters
Just like with reports, users can choose to exclude filters by toggling the filter icon.



Excluded Filter Indicator
If the gauge has a filter that is excluded, you'll see the gauge has a gray overlay instead of the green one.



Export CSV
Data that gets exported as a .CSV will show the correct data that is on the Dashboard, even when those gauges are excluding filters.



Same as when going to export a CSV, your drilldown will show consistent data when filters are excluded.



Excluded filters will also carry over if converted to a report. For more info on excluding filters from reports, read this recent update.




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