Changing a Dataset Sync Frequency

Each of our datasets has a set dashboard sync frequency (aka how often a dataset will sync when up on a dashboard). For some of these datasets, that interval can't be changed. Here's a quick rule of thumb:

API / Cloud-Based Datasources

At this time we cannot edit the sync interval for datasets. These are according to restrictions set due to the amount of data being pulled in through the API syncs.

On-Premise Datasources 

For custom datasets (or datasets that users build), users can adjust the sync frequencies themselves. They just need to be conscious of how long a dataset takes to actually sync before applying a short dashboard sync frequency. Ex. If a dataset takes 3-4 minutes to sync, its dashboard sync frequency cannot be set to 5 mins as this will cause sync errors within BrightGauge and potential performance issues on their database itself.

For default datasets (or datasets that BrightGauge provides out of the box), we recommend sticking with the default sync intervals. We can evaluate these on a one by one basis and see if it's possible to lower the dashboard sync frequency. Email support with the dataset name you want us to look at, and we'll take a look.

Note: The Fastest sync interval that we offer is 2 mins, but only we can make this adjustment on our end for both custom and default datasets. If interested, please contact Support by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

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