ConnectWise Automate | Standard Health Check Permissions

A common issue with the Automate 'Standard Health Check' dataset is that it requires the permissions on this table to be applied separately than the initial Automate setup.
Please note that all changes will need to be made with the 'root' account to ensure that the permissions persist.
The missing permission would be the SELECT permission for the 'plugin_sap_latesthealthresults' table on the database user you have set up for your Automate Datasource connection. To clear this up, you will log on to the SQL Server with the root user and adjust the permissions for the user you are connecting to BrightGauge to include the 'SELECT' permission on the specified table.

Generally, these are the steps that you would follow:
  • Log in to SQLYog using the root user.
  • Through SQLYog find the BrightGauge user.
  • Look under the 'labtech' tables to find the 'plugin_sap_latesthealthresults'  table. 
  • Once you find it you can add the 'SELECT' permissions and save the user. 
  • The final step will be to re-save your Automate Datasource within BrightGauge. 




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