Email Already In Use For User

When adjusting the permissions or details for users, you may run into an error message that shows as 'Email Already in Use.' 

This error occurs when trying to adjust the email on a user to an email address that is either currently in use, or was previously being used within BrightGauge but has since been deleted. If the user with the email has been deleted, the user is no longer tied to the email within the app itself, but the email still remains in our backend database in order to prevent deleting any items created by that user. 

To circumvent this, you must delete the user account that you are looking to adjust from the account (no data will be lost by deleting a user) and re-invite the user using the desired email. Once invited, you can then proceed to re-share dashboards, re-schedule any existing scheduled reports, and re-assign any goals tied to the old user (they will all still be on the account.)

In short, follow these steps to avoid this issue:

  • Delete the current user account.
  • Re-invite the user under the desired email.
  • Apply the relevant dashboard permissions, goal assignments and report schedules for the new user.
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