Switching User Account Roles

Changing a Viewer to an Admin/Analyst or Admin to Viewer is common and there are a few key issues that can arise when making the change.
To upgrade a user from a viewer to an Admin or Analyst you can simply invite a new user to the account and use the same e-mail address tied to the viewer user. This will upgrade the viewers account to an Admin with no additional steps necessary.
When changing an Admin or Analyst user to a Viewer the key change will be that you will need to delete the user's account and then re-invite them under the desired user role. No data is tied to users, so no need to worry about losing gauges, reports or dashboards. 

If your account currently only has 1 admin license and you are looking to make a change, you will not be able to delete the current administrator and invite a new one. In this case, our support team can assist by granting a temporary admin license to allow you to adjust.
In short, to change an Admin user to a Viewer user you will:
  • Find the user within BrightGauge.
  • Delete the user's account (no data will be lost.)
  • Re-invite under the desired user permission.
  • Apply the relevant dashboard permissions, goal assignments and report schedules for the new user.
Please feel free to refer to our User Accounts: Viewers, Analysts, and Admins doc for a more in-depth look at the User Roles.
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