Agent Down - Unable to Connect To Agent

Are your datasets or datasource returning an "Unable to connect to agent" error? Are you wondering "what's this agent being referenced"?

The agent is the software you first installed to connect your database with our BrightGauge servers. When an agent is "down," there are a few things that may be wrong:

1) The machine the agent was installed on is off.
2)The agent service is not running. (Go to "services.msc" and check to see if the BrightGauge agent is started. If it's not, 
3)Settings on the agent itself are incorrect (IP address change, BG User credential change, subdomain change, etc)
3) Check to see if the firewall rules for BrightGauge are still active and correct for the machine (sometimes IP addresses and NAT rules are changed without updating this).
4) The Windows Firewall has been turned on and/or upgraded. Please look at this post for help in creating an exception for the BrightGauge Agent: Windows Firewall Inbound Rule for the Agent

For more insights into the agent, please refer to the following article which outlines steps for using the agent, along with common connectivity issues towards the bottom:

Using the BrightGauge Agent 

Once you have reviewed your agent settings, please make sure to review the settings on the datasource pages of your account as well.

Note: If you need to make any changes to the configurations of your Datasources, simply update the current settings on your account. Do not delete/re-add the datasource from your account, as doing so will delete all datasets and gauges tied to it.

If you have any questions, please contact Support by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

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