Release Notes - Q4 of 2018

Product Updates and other internal releases are published quarterly. Check back at the beginning of each quarter for notes on what’s new with your BrightGauge.


QuickBooks On Prem (Web Connector) - We added a new version of the Quickbooks On-Prem integration to our datasource library. 

Autotask v2 — We added a new version of the Autotask integration to our datasource library. 



Client mapping & setting client recipients — Improvements have been made to the overall design and workflow of client mapping for your reports. You’ll notice a 50% reduction in time spent mapping clients. Pretty significant win to from 1-2 hours to 30 minutes. In addition to mapping improvements, you now not only add recipients but also delete them.

Goal Lists

Goal gauge defaults — If you are unsure of where to begin in your goal setting, turn to our gauge powered goal defaults. As a Connectwise user, look out for "[GOAL]" in putting your list together.

Gauge Building

Gauges quick link — We added a quick link for your gauge list to the top nav bar.

Snapshots Gauge — Track trends by turning your number gauge into a snapshot and set the cadence to capture for daily, weekly, or monthly metrics. Watch the webinar here.

Funnel Gauge — Use this multilayered gauge to see your data moving through a number of stages in a process.  The data is displayed either as one value for each stage of the process, or as a percentage, or both!


Trend Line — Add a trend line to your line graph and bar graphs


Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

Dashboard gauge drilldown — Correctly filter data by dimension in the dashboard drilldown.

Correct timezone — For Australian-based customers in the client mapping, "Report Next Scheduled" date and time show the correct scheduled time.

Correct sync times — While not a common issue, a few BrightGauge accounts were shown incorrect sync times for their gauges and datasets. This has been resolved.

Loading issue — Dashboards viewed in Internet Explorer and Edge now properly. 

Goals date formatting — Before, the dates at the top of a goal list were shown in MM/DD format for the English(Australia) language when they should have been shown in DD/MM. This has been corrected for all accounts. 

Calculated metrics — The gauge builder was incorrectly calculating cumulative sums/counts on dual-dimension line graphs. The 'Show as Cumulative' option is now hidden when gauges have 2 dimensions.

Updated sync times with manual syncs — There's no longer a delay when a manual sync is made for an on-premise datasource. 

Null data drilldown — You can now see the data drilldown behind null values in dual dimension gauges when the gauge is a Column, Bar, or Line chart.
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