Release Notes - Q1 of 2019

Product Updates and other internal releases are published quarterly. Check back at the beginning of each quarter for notes on what’s new with your BrightGauge.

New Integrations


basecamp.png New! Basecamp: Track Projects, To-Dos, and Comments.


logo-bizratings_2x.png New! BizRatings: Track Employee Score, CSAT, Client Response Summaries, NPS, and more.


Autotask 2.0 Integration Overhaul


logo-autotaskv2_2x.png  We’ve made tons of improvements to the Autotask integration that get you right to the data you’ve requested. 

Ticket Statistics & Ticket Stats Lite
Updated SLA fields in the Tickets Statistics and Ticket Stats Lite datasets to account for business hours.

Ticket SLA Data Live
Added several new fields to Ticket Stats Lite that allow you to actively monitor tickets that have OR will breach their respective SLA’S.

Gauges include: Tickets Breaching Resolution Within 60 Minutes; Tickets Breaching Response Within 60 Minutes by Resource; Breached SLA Summary by Resource, etc.



Service Call Dataset
In Autotask, Service Calls are a way to schedule time to work on specific items; in BrightGauge, service managers can easily see what their techs have scheduled for the week.


New resource gauges:
Open Tickets Per Resource
Tickets Due Today Per Resource
Tickets Overdue Per Resource
Stale Tickets Per Resource
Open Tickets Older Than 14 Days Per Resource
Time Entered Per Tech Today
Tickets Worked On Today Per Resource
Tickets Resolved Per Resource Per Priority - Today

Member Scorecard Dashboard and Reports
Gives insight into employee efficiency and shows who is performing well and who may need an extra boost .


Project Data
17 new gauges and dashboard template.


Project Phases New Gauges:
Tasks & Project Phases - Current Month
Project Phases - Current Month
Tasks & Projects Per Phase - Current Month

Extra Goodies
We’ve added a Billing Items datastore, which means you can now view Actual Revenue per Opportunities (versus Estimated Revenue only)

Add Account Notes to your opportunities and track these notes; for example, see if there’s a correlation between opportunities closed versus notes added per resource.


Updated Integrations


logo-labtech_2x.png Connectwise Automate datasets are available for Microsoft Update Data, Monitor History, and Monitors.



CW Manage Cloud Products, Categories, and Sub-Category data is now available.


logo-connectwise_2x.png Connectwise Manage On-Premise In / Out Board Data within our Member dataset has been fixed to update with each sync.


logo-servicenow_2x.png ServiceNow datasets are available for Cases and SLAs.


logo-auvik_2x.png Auvik data is available for service alert history.





Gauge Building

Public Embeddable Gauges — Available to our Enterprise users, embeddable gauges allow you to take any gauge, mark it as publicly viewable, and insert on a webpage with a short snippet of code.



Snapshot Gauges — This is great for those who are tracking a range on a daily basis and need to view only a subset of information. 




Client mappings and client recipients — We added some improvements to your client report mappings. Now, you can add mappings with greater ease and delete client recipients.

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