Granting BrightGauge Temporary Account Access

In an effort to improve our security and compliance, we are adopting a "Temporary Access Lease" support model. Our support team members now require your explicit permission when accessing your account to help with support issues or conduct account health checks.

Only Admin users on your account can grant access to BrightGauge for a set amount of time. 
Allowing BrightGauge to access your account as an authorized admin does not affect your available user count. Any changes to this setting will trigger an email notification to all admins in your account.

Why grant BrightGauge access to your account?

You may want to grant access to BrightGauge when you’re facing an issue that is too complex or need other assistance.

Some common examples include:
  • Highly-technical issues that need to be escalated through multiple levels of support.
  • Replication of your issue cannot be reproduced anywhere else.
  • Dataset-level issues that require the ability to review or alter SQL queries that access customer data.
  • Build-outs for new integrations.
  • Help in building out gauges, dashboards, reports, and custom datasets.

How long will BrightGauge have access to my account?

You can choose how long BrightGauge can access your account, with the option to turn it off at any time.

How to grant access to your account

The Support Access area can be found in the Help menu dropdown.  
The support access setting is disabled by default and can be enabled or revoked by any of your account admins at any time. 
Use the Choose duration drop-down menu to choose how long BrightGauge can access your account (7 Days, 30 Days, or 90 Days). 

After the chosen period of time has expired, account access is disabled automatically; however, you can update the duration to extend (or reduce) access time as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Support by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

Fine Print
BrightGauge reserves the right to access your account without prior notice in certain situations. These include emergency situations to prevent harm to you, other users, or situations where we suspect that your use or access to our Services is violating the 
Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service.
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