What are Public Dashboards?

In its simplest form Public Dashboards are read only and shared via an auto generated public token (URL)


To access the URL a you will need to navigate to the dashboard you want to share and click on the "more" option. The dropdown menu will contain an option to access the public URL modal.


Enable a Public Dashboard URL

Clicking on "Public URL" will trigger the share dialog allowing you to activate public sharing.



Disable / Revoke a Public Dashboard URL

If any one attempts to disable the URL they are presented with a confirmation modal alerting them that this action cannot be undone and the current URL will no longer work.


How does it look?

The public view of the dashboard will remove the top nav and only show the name of the dashboard along with the option to toggle between dark and light mode.


Syncing and Updating

Syncing and updating is identical to a viewer user logging into a dashboard. One of the main use cases for this feature is to use the url on displays/browsers without the need of hardware or logins.   

Public Dashboard Indicators

The dashboard listing dropdown will have a "Public" label next to the dashboards that have been enabled for public consumption.


The dashboard itself will also show a notice that it is public and to take caution with edits


If any user tries to delete a public dashboard they are shown a similar notification in the delete modal.


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