Release Notes - Q2 of 2019

Product Updates and other internal releases are published quarterly. Check back at the beginning of each quarter for notes on what’s new with your BrightGauge.

Q2 at BrightGauge HQ had a heavy focus on internal improvements to our infrastructure and security. A lot of these enhancements take place behind the scenes but a few notable features made it to the light!


Public Dashboards

Introducing a way to share KPIs and dashboards with whom you want, where you want. In its simplest form Public Dashboards are read only and shared via an auto generated public token (URL)
Sample Dashboard





Dataset Field Guide

We started the process of adding field descriptions to some of the default datasets.






Snapshot Gauge Limits


Default snapshot gauges do not count against the total allowed snapshot count! This means:

an account on an Enterprise plan can create 25 unique snapshots on top of the default snapshot gauges that have been added from their datasource

an account on an Enterprise + plan can create 150 unique snapshots on top of the default snapshot gauges that have been added from their datasource


Integration Improvements 

ConnectWise Sell V2
ConnectWise Sell recently deprecated their API, so we needed to create a "new" integration, using their V2 API. Reach out to support @ to see whether you're on the correct version, and in help making the migration over.


ConnectWise Hosted:In / Out Board Data
Within the Member Dataset we applied a filter that will only allow us to see the most up to date values that exist within the In / Out Board in ConnectWise. Any record that contains an earlier value will be filtered out of the dataset and we no longer need to wait for a full sync to occur.


Added the human readable owner name instead of just owner id. You can see who is meeting their daily goals by reporting on the user who owns the task or contact.


Converted storage stats of various units (KB, GB, TB, etc) to GB for easy calculations using multiple fields. This allows calculate free storage space by subtracting the used storage from the storage quota.


Extended timeframe of the "Threat History by Site" dataset to be able to report on 6 months of threat history, when before you were limited to 24 hours.


ConnectWise Manage Cloud
Added "notes" field to Sales Orders dataset. The "Sales Quota" Dataset available on request.


Added "tags" field to the Tickets dataset


Other Improvements 

Enterprise +
New Year - New Features - New Price! Check out all the features included with the Enterprise + pricing plan.


Security Compliance
In an effort to improve our security and compliance, we are adopting a "Temporary Access Lease" support model. When accessing your account to help with a support issue or to conduct an account health check, our team members will now need you to first grant access permission.

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