Connecting to Sophos

Are you making use of Sophos' endpoint protection services? That’s wonderful, because Sophos is now a BrightGauge integration - meaning you can now use it to create gauges, dashboards, and reports. Here’s a quick guide to help you get integrated. 

Note: To connect to this datasource, you must be enrolled in the Sophos Partner Program and possess a client ID and client secret (further information can be found in Step 2 below).


Step 1 - Log in to your BrightGauge Account

If you haven’t created an account yet, go here to get started.

Image_2020-03-06_at_3.01.07_PM.pngOnce logged in: 

  • New Accounts

On the first login, from the Account Overview page, click Add a Datasource.


  • Existing Accounts

From the account Overview page (to access click on the BrightGauge logo on the top left-hand corner), click on Add a new Datasource towards the bottom right of the page (next to the list of your existing datasources):


Alternatively, select on the Data > Datasources.

Now you can find the Sophos datasource under Security:



Step 2 - Create Sophos Client Credentials

To connect to this datasource, you must be enrolled in the Sophos Partner Program.

Please follow Step 1 of this document in order to create a set of client credentials within Sophos. You will need to obtain two credentials:

  • Sophos Client ID
  • Sophos Client Secret


Step 3 - Configure the Datasource

Click on the Sophos datasource logo to open the datasource settings page. Fill out the form with the following fields:

  • Name: Choose a name for your datasource. For example, Sophos.
  • Your Sophos Client ID: Enter the client ID you set up earlier.
  • Your Sophos Client Secret: Enter the client secret you set up earlier.


Step 3 - Test Connection

Make sure to test the connection. If successful, save the connection. 

Dashboards, reports, datasets, and gauges are added to your account after the datasource is saved. They start syncing immediately and typically complete syncing after 20-30 minutes. 

Your Default Datasets

  • Alerts
  • Endpoints
  • Tenants

Your Default Dashboards

  • Sophos Monitoring 1
  • Sophos Monitoring 2

Your Default Reports

  • Sophos - Endpoint and Alert Data

For a list of all default gauges, please visit the Gauges section of your account, sort by the Datasource you'd like to see, and select for Default. 


  • Data for tenants whose accounts have not been activated cannot be displayed. You can activate these accounts from the Sophos Central Administration Console.
  • Data for tenant trial accounts also cannot be displayed.

If you have any questions, please contact Support by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

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