Edit Your Account Details

This document describes the Account Details screen in BrightGauge. The Account Details screen allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Edit your company name
  • Edit your BrightGauge subdomain
  • Update your address
  • Change your timezone and language
  • Upload your company logo for reports
  • Select an accent color for your report cover pages
  • Select your gauge colors for dashboards and reports

To access this screen, click your account profile icon and select Account Details.


Field Descriptions


Company Name Edit your company name.
Subdomain Edit your BrightGaugesubdomain.
Address Line 1 Enter the first line of your address.
Country Enter your country.
County / State / Province Enter your state.
City Enter your city.
Zip / Postal / Pin Code Enter your zip code.
Timezone Select your timezone.
Data & Currency Formats Select your preferred language.
Logo Upload your company logo. Image should be JPG, PNG, or GIF. Max image size is 250x100 pixels.
Accent Color Select an accent color for your report cover pages.
Gauge Theme Colors Select a color theme for your dashboard and report gauges.
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