This document shows where in BrightGauge you can access your dashboards, gauges, datasources, account settings, and other BrightGauge resources.


What do you see after you log in?

Admin Users

If you're a BrightGauge Admin user, the Home screen is the first screen you see after you log in to BrightGauge. Viewers cannot see this screen. To access this screen, click the BrightGauge logo on the left of the top menu bar.

The Dashboards, Goal Management, and Reports tiles enable you to create new dashboards, goals, and reports.

The Datasources section lists available datasources and enables you to add new datasources.

The Users section lists the Admin and Analyst users in your account and enables you to add new users.

BrightGauge Home Screen


Analyst and Viewer Users

After an Analyst or a Viewer logs in to BrightGauge, they are brought to the Dashboards screen. By default, this screen is blank until an Admin shares dashboards with the Analyst or Viewer. Admins may share dashboards in multiple ways:


Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar is available on every screen in BrightGauge for all users and allows you to quickly access Dashboards, Goals, Reports, Gauges, and Data.

Top menu bar

BrightGauge logo Return to the Home screen.
Dashboards View, create, and edit your dashboards.

For Admins: View and create goals.

For Analysts and Viewers:  View your goals. A red circle appears in the menu bar when it is time to check in for a goal.

Reports View, create, and send reports.
Gauges View your gauges.
New Item Create a new Dashboard, Goal, Report, or Gauge. Not available for Viewers.
Data Access your gauges, datasources, datasets, client mappings, and sync history. For Admin users only.
Help Open support tickets and access support resources.
Account Access your profile information. For Admin users, access account details, billing settings, and users.


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