BrightGauge Plan Feature Comparison


This article compares the features available in the BrightGauge Standard, and Enterprise, and Enterprise+ plans.


Feature Comparison

The following table compares the features available in the different BrightGauge plans. For information on plan pricing, please refer to the BrightGauge Pricing Plan page.

Feature Essentials Standard Enterprise Enterprise+
View default dashboards
Send default reports
Filter dashboards and reports
Create dashboards, gauges, reports  
Edit dashboards, gauges, reports  
Delete dashboards, gauges, reports  
Schedule reports  
Custom client mappings  
Unlimited viewer users  
Peer group benchmarking    
Calculated metrics    
Public Dashboards    
Free data-driven workshop      
Included datasources 1 (Manage) 2 2 4
Available datasources 1 (Manage) 72 72 72
Included admin users 1 2 3 3
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