November 2021

BrightGauge Essentials Re-Launch

BrightGauge Essentials is now available for ConnectWise Manage partners! Essentials is a free, slimmed-down version of BrightGauge designed to provide small technology solution providers dashboards and reporting for key business applications.

To learn more about BrightGauge Essentials, please refer to the following resources:


July 2021

New BrightGauge Plan: BrightGauge Essentials

Are you new to BrightGauge? Do you want to explore the benefits of BrightGauge data collection and reporting, but aren't ready to pull the trigger on a full BrightGauge plan? Then Essentials is for you! BrightGauge Essentials is a free plan that provides dashboards and reporting for up to three datasources. Currently, Essentials is only available for ConnectWise Manage partners. However, we'll add support for other ConnectWise products in future releases. For more information on Essentials, check out the following resources:

June 2021

New Datasource: Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is now a featured integration in BrightGauge! For setup instructions, please refer to Connecting to Cisco Meraki.


Product Enhancement: Updated BrightGauge Agent

The BrightGauge agent has been updated to improve performance, enhance security, and support BrightGauge scalability. To enhance your experience, we are replacing the old agent with a new architecture that incorporates a heartbeat service for agent check-ins. The new agents also have an updated UI that allows for faster installs and facilitates setting up multiple agents.

For more information on the new agent, please refer to the following articles:


May 2021

New BrightGauge Agent

The BrightGauge agent is new and improved! The all-new agent allows for faster, more reliable, and more scalable connections between your on-premises datasources and BrightGauge. The updated user interface enables you to quickly install the agent on multiple endpoints.

For more information, please refer to the following resources:


April 2021

Product Enhancement: Analyst Report Templates

Admins can now share report templates with Analyst users! Report are shared in a similar manner as dashboards and datasets from the Your Account > Users page. Sharing report templates with Analysts allows for granular user permissions by enabling Analyst users to utilize report templates created by other users. This saves time for both Admins and Analysts and allows for quicker report setup. Analysts were able to create reports but were unable to share them with each other. Admins can now share report templates built by other Analysts. For more information, please refer to the Sharing Report Templates with Analysts FAQ.


March 2021

Product Enhancement: Manual Date Entry for Date Filters in the Gauge Builder

When you add a date filter to a gauge in the Gauge Builder, you may now manually type in the date using mm/dd/yyyy format. You may also select the date using the calendar and the month and year selectors. For more information, please refer to Gauge Filters Explained.



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