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This document provides an overview of the BrightGauge Report Designer and describes how to customize reports. The Report Designer is where you customize your reports and your report emails. For help creating and sending reports, please refer to the following articles:

Report Designer

To edit a report, select Reports from the top menu bar, then select a report from the list to open the report in the Report Designer. Please note that Viewer users cannot edit reports in the Report Designer.

The Report Designer has two sections:

  • Design Report: Add gauges, text modules, and images, change the report orientation, add a cover page, and preview the report.
  • Review Email: Edit the email used to deliver the report.


Design Report

The Design Report section is where you add gauges to the report and format the report pages.

Side Panel

The left side panel contains gauge search filters, gauges, and page formatting modules for you to add to the report.

Filters & Sorting

The Filters & Sorting section enables you to quickly find the gauges you need. Filter gauges by datasource, dataset, creator, or type. Please note that these filters do not filter gauge data. To filter gauge data, apply a gauge filter in the Gauge Builder.



The modules section enables you to add text boxes, images, and page breaks to the report. Click on a module to add it to the report. Add modules to create and mark new sections, clarify information, add additional styling, or customize with logos and team photos.



The gauges section lists all available gauges for the report. Hover over a gauge to view information about that gauge. Click on a gauge to add it to the report.


Report Design Area

The report design area displays a preview of the report. Change the report orientation, add a cover page, and preview the report.


Add a Gauge to the Report

Click on a module or a gauge in the side panel to add it to the report. By default, new items are added to the bottom of the report. To reposition an item, click Shape, then select where to move the item. Click the X icon to remove an item from the report.


To edit a gauge, click the edit icon. The gauge opens in the Gauge Builder. For more information on gauge formatting options, please refer to 101 - Gauges.


Change the Report Logo

To change the report logo:

  1. Navigate to Account > Account Details.


  2. Click Browse to upload an image from your computer.

    Note: Images should be no larger than 250 x 100 pixels.

  3. Click Open.
  4. Click Save.

Change the Report Cover Accent Color

Change the accent color of your report cover pages to fit your branding.

To change the report color:

  1. Navigate to Account > Account Details.
  2. Click the color preview square to open the color picker or enter the color's hex value.


  3. Click Save.


Review Email Section

The Review Email section is where you customize the report email subject and body. Please note that recipients are selected when you create a report.


Email Template Tokens

Add the following tokens to auto-populate information into the email subject and body.



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