June Updates

Report URL Authentication

Report URLs will be authenticated. The system will authenticate the report web link sent in an email so that the report is accessible by only the designated recipient. This would help in securing the report access and make data secure. 

View how to create a report with URL authentication here: Report Authentication


May Updates

Parenthesis added for Calculated Metrics

You can create advanced calculations in the gauge builder by grouping formulas into one layer using parenthesis. 

Read about how to create Calculated Metrics HERE


March Updates

BrightGauge Agent v5 Upgrade

The new BrightGauge Agent v5 is a completely rewritten application with upgraded performance, enhanced security, and improved ease of use. 

Upgrade now! Agent v5 Upgrade Steps


January Updates

OAuth2.0 for Kaseya Cloud (VSA) Integration

The Kaseya Cloud (VSA) integration now uses OAuth 2.0 to connect to BrightGauge. Users must register the BrightGauge application in Kaseya VSA to generate a client ID and a client secret. For more information, please refer to Connecting to Kaseya Cloud (VSA).


Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue that caused column charts and column chart legends to show different colors for a threshold.
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