ConnectWise Command / CW RMM Reports

This article provides an introduction to ConnectWise Command reports in BrightGauge. These reports are available as templates that you can use to create reports for your clients or for yourself. You can either use the templates as they are or modify them. Each template consists of a number of gauges, each built to show specific data for a specific functional area.

For detailed information on each report, please refer to the following articles:

To access your reports, click Reports in the top menu bar.


Provision the Reports 

The first time any Primary Super Admin or Super Admin accesses BrightGauge from the new menu in the ITSupport Portal, a new BrightGauge partner account and a new BrightGauge user account are automatically provisioned and created. As soon as the account is created, data synchronization for your BrightGauge account begins. The data sync is a one-time activity that takes approximately two to three hours to complete before you can see any data in your reports. All subsequent users accessing your BrightGauge account are directly logged in to BrightGauge and can access reports.

When the user account is created, you will receive an email from BrightGauge with details of your BrightGauge account and login instructions (this is useful if you want to directly access the BrightGauge portal without going through the ITSupport Portal). You will also receive a direct BrightGauge link in this email that you can use to login into your BrightGauge Account

Single Sign-On is implemented between BrightGauge and the ITSupport Portal. You must use the same credentials that you use to log in to the ITSupport Portal.


Additional Resources

Refer to the following articles to learn more about how you can set up and use reports:

If you have any questions, contact support by clicking Help in the top menu bar and selecting Open a ticket.

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