FAQ: ConnectWise Command Executive Report


This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the ConnectWise Command Executive Report for BrightGauge.


Is the new Executive Report in BrightGauge different from the Executive Report in the ITSupport Portal?

Yes, the new Executive report in BrightGauge is different from the Executive report in the ITSupport Portal. The data and the metrics in the new report are designed to provide a better-summarized understanding of all the different modules for presentation to your clients.


Is there any difference in the data in the BrightGauge Executive Report compared to the ITSupport Portal Executive Report?

The new report in BrightGauge collects data primarily from the new ITS Platform agent wherever available, whereas the Executive Report in the ITSupport portal collects data only from the legacy agent. As a result, there is a change in the data collection frequency for different parameters. For example, data for availability, CPU, disk, and memory utilization are collected every 30 minutes for the BrightGauge report. For the ITSupport Executive Report, data collection frequency is different for different parameters (some parameters are collected every 20 minutes, some every 10 minutes, and a few every 40 minutes).


Are score calculations the same in the new BrightGauge report and the legacy Executive report?

No, score calculations differ between the two reports. For details on how the score is calculated in the new BrightGauge report, please refer to the ITSupport Portal Executive Report article. In addition to data being collected via the new platform agent, the following factors cause the scores to differ:

  • Scores in BrightGauge are calculated daily and then averaged for the entire month for each section (Endpoint Protection; Availability; CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization; Patches; Warranty).
  • For scores, if a machine is disabled during the month (e.g., on the 20th), then percentages for the machine are considered for the number of days that the machine was present in the month (20 in this case). In the legacy Executive report, the machine is not considered for score calculation for that month.
  • All Utilization scores in the BrightGauge report are assigned based on the score range that the Utilization percentage falls in. For example, if the Disk Utilization percentage for a site is 23%, then the score assigned for Disk Utilization is 100. See the Score Calculation section in ITSupport Portal Executive Report article for details on how scores are assigned to Utilization percentages. In the legacy Executive report, scores were assigned based on a different logic which can be found in the Executive Reports article.
  • Clones impact the data and score in the BrightGauge report. Because Clones are actual machines, they are considered for all data and score calculations in the BrightGauge reports but not in the legacy Executive Reports.
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