Highlight your gauges with color thresholds to show whether you're within or out of reach of a goal range and add trend lines to show data trends over time.

Please note:

  • Tables, Bar Charts, Column Charts, and Lists support thresholds for text, number, and date fields.
  • Number and Progress Gauges support only number fields.
  • Pie Charts only support text fields.


Apply a Trend Line

Gauges with multiple layers can display multiple trendlines. Simply add a trend line to each layer of the gauge.

To add a trend line to a gauge:

  1. Open the desired gauge in the Gauge Builder.
  2. Select the Design tab.
  3. Click on a field in the Trendline Settings section.
  4. Select the checkbox to enable the trend line.


  5. Click on the color square to select a color for the trend line.


  6. Click Apply. For gauges with multiple layers, repeat steps 3 through 6 for each layer.

Apply a Threshold

To set a threshold:

  1. From the Gauge Builder, select the Design tab in the left panel.
  2. Click on the desired field in the Trend Lines/Thresholds & Colors section.
  3. Click +Add.
  4. Select an operator and enter the target value.
  5. Select a threshold color and set an alert sound to play when the threshold is met. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to add any additional thresholds to the gauge.
  6. Click Apply.
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