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This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about BrightGauge Essentials.


What is BrightGauge? 

BrightGauge is a data intelligence and visualization platform that helps partners create Dashboards, Reports, and Goals with data from the apps and services they use every day. BrightGauge allows partners to bring together multiple datasources into the platform, whether it's an on-premises SQL system or hosted in the cloud. It helps users break down the barriers of these data silos and bring all key business data together. For more information, check out How BrightGauge Works - 30,000ft View.


What is BrightGauge Essentials?

BrightGauge Essentials is a slimmed-down version of BrightGauge that provides dashboards and reporting for up to three datasources. Please refer to the table below for a full comparison of features by plan. Unlike the paid BrightGauge packages, Essentials does not include the ability to create and edit dashboards, gauges, and reports; schedule reports; or access goals, benchmarking, and customer client mappings.  


How does Essentials compare to the other BrightGauge plans?

The following table compares the features available in the different BrightGauge plans.

Feature Essentials Standard Enterprise Enterprise+
View default dashboards
Send default reports
Filter dashboards and reports
Create dashboards, gauges, reports  
Edit dashboards, gauges, reports  
Delete dashboards, gauges, reports  
Schedule reports  
Custom client mappings  
Unlimited viewer users  
Peer group benchmarking    
Calculated metrics    
Public Dashboards    
Free data-driven workshop      
Included datasources 1 (Manage) 2 2 4
Available datasources 1 (Manage) 72 72 72
Included admin users 1 2 3 3


What does BrightGauge Essentials cost?

BrightGauge Essentials is free to use for all ConnectWise Manage partners.


Where do I access BrightGauge Essentials?

Because Essentials only includes one Admin user, before you sign up, determine who within your organization should have Admin access. Essentials includes one Analyst user and unlimited Viewer users. For more information, please refer to Get Started with BrightGauge Essentials. After you designate your Admin, navigate to the Essentials signup page to create your account.


What's the difference between Admins, Analysts, and Viewers?

  • BrightGauge Admins have full access to the Essentials account. Each Essentials account includes one Admin user.
  • BrightGauge Analysts are Admin users with reduced rights and are limited to building and managing data from only the datasets they have permission to access. Each Essentials account includes one Analyst user.
  • BrightGauge Viewers may only view and present dashboards. Each Essentials account includes an unlimited number of viewers. We recommend using Viewer accounts when displaying dashboards.

Admins and Analysts are classified as Users in BrightGauge, whereas Viewers are classified as Viewers. To view and manage Admins and Analysts, navigate to Your AccountUsers. To view and manage Viewers, navigate to Your AccountViewers.

The following table lists the features available to admin and viewer users in Essentials.

Feature Admin Analyst Viewer
View dashboards
Create dashboards  
Present dashboards
Apply dashboard filters
Create/Delete dashboard filters  
Send reports  
Add users    
Connect datasources    


How does BrightGauge Essentials integrate with Manage? 

BrightGauge Essentials connects to the Manage datasource. The data pulled from Manage is shown in dashboards and reports in BrightGauge.


How do I connect a datasource?

For instructions on adding a datasource, please refer to Connect a Datasource. Please note that only Admin users can add datasources.

Your dashboards and reports consist of gauges that pull data from the Manage datasource. Before gauges can display data, you must connect the Manage datasource to your account. After the datasource is added, you can view the dashboards and reports designed for Manage. The initial data sync typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Please note that dashboard and report gauges only pull data for the last 30 days. To include data beyond 30 days, you can apply filters to your dashboards and reports.


How do I share and access dashboards? 

There are a few different ways to share dashboards. For more information, please refer to Share a Dashboard with a Viewer. Viewers cannot see dashboards unless they are shared by the Admin.


How do I present a dashboard? Can both Admin and Viewer users present dashboards? 

Yes, both admin and viewer users can present single or multiple dashboards. For more information, please refer to Present a Dashboard. The multiple dashboard option enables you to create a rotating playlist of up to 10 dashboards. 


Can Admin, Analyst, and Viewer users filter dashboards?

Yes, but only Admin and Analyst users can create, edit, and delete filters. Viewer users may only toggle filters on and off if they have been granted permission to do so. For more information, please refer to Dashboard Filtering for Viewer Users.

Dashboard filters enable you to quickly sort and view specific information on a dashboard. To see how to filter a dashboard, please refer to Filter a Dashboard.


How do I send reports? Who can send default reports? 

Reports allow Admins to share snapshots of important metrics with both internal team members and external users. For more information, please refer to Send a Report. Only Admin users can send reports.


Which dashboards and reports are included in BrightGauge Essentials?

BrightGauge Essentials includes the following dashboards and reports.


  • Owner
  • Service Manager
  • Service Technician


  • Owner
  • Service Manager
  • Service Technician


How frequently does dashboard data sync? 

Data for the Service Manager and Owner dashboards sync once every 24 hours. Data for the Service Technician dashboard sync every 10 minutes. Data cannot be manually synced within Essentials.


How many Admin users are included with Essentials?

Essentials includes only one Admin user. However, Essentials includes an unlimited number of Viewer users. The Admin has full control over the Essentials account, whereas Viewers may only view dashboards. For more information on users in Essentials, please refer to BrightGauge Essentials Users.


I'm currently the admin for my Essentials account. How do I make another member of my team the admin?

The current Admin user can connect the new Admin user to the BrightGauge Support team. The Support team helps the new Admin undergo verification and then removes the existing Admin user. After being confirmed, the new Admin user is able to log in to BrightGauge.  


Who do I contact for support: ConnectWise Support or BrightGauge Support? 

For all Manage-related requests or issues, please continue to contact ConnectWise Support.

For questions specific to BrightGauge Essentials or the BrightGauge-Manage integration, please by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.


I already pay for BrightGauge Standard. Am I able to opt out of BrightGauge Essentials, or will the two be connected? 

Existing BrightGauge Standard accounts for Manage partners are not linked to BrightGauge Essentials. The dashboards offered in BrightGauge Essentials are different from those in BrightGauge Standard. If you already have BrightGauge package, you do not need to launch BrightGauge Essentials, and we will not auto-launch it for you. You do still have access to BrightGauge Essentials if you would like to use it, but your existing BrightGauge package will have more of the features and functionality that you are used to. 


I'm interested in upgrading to a BrightGauge plan with more features. What's the pricing model?

More information on BrightGauge pricing tiers can be found here.


How do I upgrade from Essentials to a paid plan? 

You can upgrade your plan directly from within your Essentials account. For more information, please refer to Upgrade Your Account.


How do I upgrade from BrightGauge Essentials to BrightGauge Standard? 

You can upgrade at any time from within your Essentials account. Simply navigate to Your Account > Billing. For full instructions, please refer to Upgrade Your Account.


Is BrightGauge Essentials available for other partners and products? 

Currently, Essentials is only available for ConnectWise Manage partners.


Where can I find additional resources on BrightGauge Essentials?

Explore the following resources to learn more about Essentials:


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