Embed BrightGauge Dashboards into ConnectWise PSA


This article describes how to embed a BrightGauge dashboard into ConnectWise PSA®.


Embed a Dashboard in PSA

To embed a dashboard in PSA:

  1. Log in to BrightGauge and identify which dashboard you would like to embed.

  2. Click on More in the upper-right corner and select Public URL. The Public URL modal appears.


  3. Select the Enable Public Dashboard toggle. This provides you with the URL you need to embed the dashboard into PSA. Copy this link and save it for later.

    • Important: Please be aware that anyone who has access to this link may review the data presented on the dashboard.


  4. Log in to ConnectWise PSA.

  5. Navigate to System > Setup Tables


  6. Search for *API in the Table column.

  7. Click on PSA (formerly Manage) Hosted API.


  8. Click the + icon.


  9. Configure the details for your embedded dashboard:

    1. Enter a descriptive name under Description as we will be referencing this later.

    2. Select Today from the Screen drop-down.

    3. Paste the public dashboard URL into the URL section.

    4. Select Tab.

    5. Optional: If you would like to restrict this dashboard to specific locations, you may do so under Location Restrictions. Currently, there is no way to restrict by member.

    6. Click the Save icon.


  10. Navigate to the Today screen (My Favorites > Today).

  11. Press [Ctrl] + [r] to perform a hard refresh. This ensures your embedded dashboard tab appears.

  12. From the Today screen, click the gear icon. The new tab is listed in the Not Displayed section.


  13. Click the right-facing arrow to move it into the Displayed column.

  14. Click SAVE. Your BrightGauge dashboard is now presented in ConnectWise PSA!


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