ConnectWise RMM Application Updates Report


This article provides information on the ConnectWise RMM (formerly Command) Application Updates report. The Application Updates Report displays the update status of all of your RMM agents, how many machines have failed application updates, and which applications have failed updates. By default, the report shows the data for all of your clients/sites. After you set up and schedule a report for a specific client (site), BrightGauge automatically filters data for that client (site).


Application Updates Report Breakdown

The Application Updates Report consists of the following two gauges:

  • Application Update Status: The Application Update Status gauge shows how many devices are up-to-date, out of date, offline, and have scheduled or failed updates. Click on a status to view a list of machines with that update status. This gauge pulls data from the Application Update Status dataset.

    Application Update Status gauge

  • Application Update Failure: The Application Update Failure gauge shows which applications have failed updates and how many machines failed the update. Click on a column to view a list of machines that failed the update. This gauge pulls data from the Application Update Failure dataset.

    Application Update Failure gauge

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