Report URLs Authentication


This page explains how to activate authentication for report URLs. This process allows you to ensure that reports can only be seen by authorized individuals or those with Brightgauge credentials. 

Create a Report with URL Authentication

  1. Follow the normal process for creating a report as described on 101 - Reports.
  2. When you come to the Review Email & Send screen, select Authentication.mceclip0.jpg
  3. Click Send Report

View a Report with URL Authentication

To view a report that has URL authentication activated:

  1. Click on the URL in your report email. 
  2. Click Sign in with BrightGuage if you have a Brightgauge account. If you do not, select Sign in with One-time Password.mceclip2.jpg
  3. If you selected One-time Password, a verification code will be sent to your email. You will have five minutes to enter it. After you enter the verification code, click Verify.
  4. You may now view the report. 


How long are sessions active?

If you use the One-time Password, the report will be available for 60 minutes. This time limit is reset every time you refresh the screen. If you use a BrightGauge account to view the report, the report will be available to you as long as you are signed in. 

What if you don't input the verification code within the five minute limit?

You can simply request another One-time Password and try again. 

What do I do if my One-time Password sessions ends and I need to view the report again?

You can return to your report email and click on the URL again to request another One-time Password. 

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