Parent Child Dashboard Sneak Preview


Note: This feature is currently in sneak preview.

This page describes the process of using the Parent-Child Dashboard.  You can set a dashboard as a child of another dashboard which will allow changes made to the parent to reflect on the child. Moving gauges or adding text or images to the parent dashboard will result in the same change on the child dashboard. 

You can change multiple dashboards by making changes only to their ‘parent’ dashboard and link one dashboard as parent to other dashboards.

Note: Filtering needs to be updated on each child dashboard. Gauges are added automatically through parent, but the filtering selections for any new datasets will not be set on the child automatically. You need to go through each child dashboard and update the selected fields in their filter selections.

How to Create a Child Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the dashboard you want to be the parent.
  2. Select More.
  3. Select Clone Dashboard.
  4. Select Clone as child dashboard in popup. 
  5. Click Create.
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